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About Un Pied en Scène

Un Pied en Scène, a nonprofit general interest sponsorship association, is active in the fields of culture and the performing arts. It is an innovative association with the mission of promoting young professionals at the beginning of their careers, primarily in the domains of Baroque music and, more broadly, classical music, classical dance, cinema, and photography, without excluding other forms of art.

We mobilize all necessary resources (logistics, organization, communication, and institutional support) to help these emerging talents become known to the public and professionals, offering them unique opportunities to step onto the stage. Since its establishment in January 2022, the association has initially focused its efforts on the fields of Baroque music and French classical dance.

Our association operates within a European dimension, fostering artistic collaborations from diverse backgrounds. We are committed to highlighting the cultural and musical heritage of Europe by supporting productions, recordings, and the promotion of the artistic work of young professionals at the start of their careers. We organize concerts, art exhibitions, and other events to promote artistic and cultural creation, with a spirit of selflessness and a general educational and social purpose.

Our association primarily relies on private funding for measured projects aimed at supporting the launch of the careers of young professional artists, some of whom have already received recognition and awards at the national or international level.

The association will draw on artistic advice from individuals with significant careers in the performing arts or the arts in general. The association and its patrons particularly support productions that involve young French artists in international collaborations with young artists of other nationalities.

Our association may support productions of the production company (PhilBarok production SAS) when necessary to organize concerts or galas or participate in co-productions, with the shared goal of promoting young professional talents.

The founders have personally produced a few recordings by young ensembles over the past four years, including a recording of Vox 21 conducted by Evann Loget-Raymond, as presented here. The association has gathered some financiers, sponsors, and even institutions around the idea of promoting young talents (the 'Stars of Tomorrow' or 'Stars von Morgen'), with an additional educational goal of organizing sessions for young audiences who may be distant from the world of lyric culture, Baroque, or ballet.

If the idea of discovering artistic talents and contributing to their promotion appeals to you, supporting One Foot in the Spotlight is the commitment you should make. Join us to experience exceptional moments of music, dance, cinema, and photography, and provide your caring and dedicated support for the creation and production of European artistic and cultural heritage of tomorrow."

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